Former NASA and Apple engineer. Current UKupr and friend of science. \n\nAnswers to some common questions:\n\n1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.\n2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). Then I created Digital Dudz (made some videos about this too) and eventually sold it after 2 years. Then I worked for Apple in their Special Projects Group doing Product Design as a Mechanical Engineer for 5 years. As of 2019, I just make my monthly UKup videos.\n3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.\n4) I made a 30 Day Creative Engineering Class that teaches my end to end engineering process so you can make stuff too! Check it out here-\n

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  1. yanet gonzalez


  2. Davide C.

    I honestly would rather feed the squirrels than the birds!🐭🐹😁 And as always, 👍!

  3. Sheltoonz

    Please note this doesn’t Apply to squaliam😭🤣💀

  4. Jared Brown

    Mark: HAHAHA Kids go brrr

  5. Mochinu

    bruh I get this from my pet shop to help with fine particles in my aquarium its not that amazing a technology

  6. Brad Cokayne

    As much as I think this is great, it's less than these scumbags deserve.

  7. Dee Atkinson

    The 17k are most likely the dumbasses who have to wash glitter out of their hair for a week lol Hotos!!!

  8. shizanepimp1

    My life straw works pretty well

  9. Celestrond

    et sa va ou toute cette merde après?

  10. paloh paloh

    Are you coyote son (only the brave wilderness)

  11. aLL in oNe

    Who comes here for reading meme

  12. •HoneyBear•

    I will never be brave enough to go into a shark cage (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  13. Saucy

    Imagine how long it took for them to get that stuff up there

  14. am,sdfahffj augfwea


  15. Josh's Games

    Peeps: endgame is the most ambitious crossover Me: 1:08

  16. R S

    The filth of the world.

  17. Jared Brown

    Kid: WATER FIGHT!!! Mark: Ok Kid:😭😭😭😭

  18. BrannDailor

    Rather than just a spray I'd use 4 chambers and 4 co2 cartridges to fully spray and siphon the skunk spray at once and in short delays from each other. Complexity is an issue here but much more coverage and less likely to be covered by the case again as it will be hard to stop a dump rather than a squirt.

  19. Angry Newfie Gaming

    its always the fatties lool

  20. Mr. Beanie McBald

    wifi hole

  21. yessejaz

    If you're afraad from a pretpark like me dont Sit in that car and fall (xD) new schariest pretpark

  22. frenchy b

    These people are lucky imagine that was a real bomb 😲

  23. •HoneyBear•

    That is Literally the coolest thing ever 😍

  24. Fnaf Life

    In the futer

  25. Lucy Kitsune

    I kick the grenade into the water...

  26. Tanner Cox

    This isn’t petty at all. Porch pirates are some of the worst people

  27. KINGS JOKER 204

    I want MORE please

  28. Joter Genesis Palad

    The ready keyboard overwhelmingly unfasten because nest advantageously wriggle off a tacit butter. chivalrous, intelligent target

  29. Gavin Lin

    5:18 he looks so mad

  30. watatoss


  31. M Meiselph

    What was the least honest city?

  32. spyninjaAddelyn


  33. Tay_playz

    phat gus best

  34. Roblox Noob



    How to make this

  36. Keshav Raghavan

    In our country India we call this as chlorine and this has been used for the past 10 decades here .... Don't say this as a new technology

  37. khan gul

    My favourite subject is science because even if you don't learn that chapter meaning what is it meant about but what you understand little about it by there self they will fell it cool mean the people that don't like learing still find it interesting

  38. Janya Miller

    Epic good

  39. Dursun Sahin

    oh no... The King Of Random 😥 Vale Grant. thanks for the memories and inspiration

  40. Nicholas Stathos


  41. Niconeshot

    Mark please stop, there are enough volcanoes on earth :D

  42. Gavin Lin

    i love when the girl at the end goes like " you cheated again mawk rova!!"

  43. FatRodent Rat

    *contemplates life choices*



  45. Devdutt Upadhyay

    "when the pandemic comes" Covid virus: *aNd I tOoK tHaT pErSoNaLly*

  46. Charles James

    Nice thermo safe. I thought you invented a thermo pot to keep ice cream 20 degrees below freezing when ice cream is best served at near freezing temperatures.

  47. Hoang Bui

    I never played bowling ball

  48. Mksoup Soup

    I love how he uses biodegradable glitter

  49. Green

    i was wearing headphones >:(

  50. John Aziz

    We all live on a kevlar trampoline, a kevlar trampoline, a kevlar trampoline

  51. Viktor Jost

    it is so weird watching him in 2021...

  52. XxLunaxX Maxwell

    Haha Phantasic Gus is so awesome

  53. J S

    the average 16 words is due to people trying to contain their laughter lol, btw this is not very scientific

  54. Maya Chavez


  55. Ibiz Wa

    Harlem shake.

  56. goku ultra instinct

    Bro you see blue well go and see

  57. Tasdid Noor

    TBH this guy is the most genius person in this decade

  58. RVD Review

    i hope one day someone will do a bomb version the world would be a better place

  59. FatRodent Rat

    The fact that he worked at nasa is pretty insane

  60. Sky Ripper

    0:28 CoViD

  61. VashimonPl

    Next time attach a smoke bomb to it or firecrackers as a bonus.:D

  62. I. J Y

    Cyberpunk 2077

  63. L3G1T FAD3

    I am so thankful for this guy to use his brains against the bad people and helping the good people.

  64. Wierd G Iversen

    Good job, ha ha this is so good

  65. Creepy Fox

    here from *MEMES*

  66. PizzaEater69

    what about milk.

  67. Miau

    You could rickroll thiefs using that package.

  68. Aye Aye Ron

    People who steal are pure garbage and deserve nothing in life except misery.


    I am glad I watched this.

  70. Parker Miller

    this is on my b-day

  71. Maria Mohammed


  72. Saranga Mishra

    I like his expression when he saw rick.2:03

  73. Uriah Dean

    Your kid realy said: (

  74. Amirra Edgar

    he quit :(

  75. Sippakorn S


  76. Hans-Joachim Maier

    That‘s great :D

  77. brandon freeman

    You should sell glitter bombs. That would really discourage thief’s

  78. Mark C

    The video was great until you brought the lamest car ever into the video

  79. DiciestBand3182 Xbox


  80. The Historian

    Sometimes I feel like that I would want that box, just for the glitter bomb...